Saturday, December 30, 2000

Wow! Hot Lava is born! ¬°Que Rico Sabor! I have been informed that I must give credit to Miss Lisa Geremia of Deerfield Beach, Florida for use of the phrase "Underwear Heaven." Oh Lisa, what would I do with out you? Well I wouldnt have such a cool description of my Blog, thats for sure.

So I suppose Ill be telling you kids about all of the crazy, insane things that happen in my wonderful life here, and to start this sucker off, I have a grand story. More of a tale really. You see today a wonderful thing happened today. One of lifes random, unexpected, little surprises. It all started when I decided to go the Beverly Center, in beautiful Beverly Hills, California, because it is significantly less ghetto than most of the other malls around these days. And as I entered the parking structure, I look up and who do I see exiting the structure in a white Ford Explorer, but UNCLE JOEY!!! YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY, UNCLE JOEY FROM FULL HOUSE!!! My heart nearly skipped a beat. And as I reached out my window to take the ticket from the machine the light glimmered across his face and I was sure my eyes did not decieve me. It was a truly amazing thing. Watching him on Full House was great and all, but it pales in comparison to seeing Uncle Joey in the flesh. And me with out my camera.

So later this evening I went to Trader Vics with some pals for my Birthday Bonanza Dinner. I had a $26 plate of rice. They have pretty hip drinks there too, but quite expensive. My friend Paul even had hot rum in a SKULL! The bill came to like $300 and chaos ensued but it was a pretty hip evening.

Well I guess Ill end here for today. I mean you cant really top Uncle Joey and hot rum in a skull. Where will I go from here? Who can really say. So check back in and see. Allrighty kids! Adios!