Saturday, January 06, 2001

Tonight, Shanna, Chris and I went to an art opening. It was for "Shag" and it was some pretty hip stuff. It was at the Wacko Soap Plant in Hollywood and it was crowded as a bitch. But he had some seriously hip paintings that went for like $4000 each. They are all tiki hawaiian style stuff for those of you not hip to Shag. I bought a cool print called "Mr.Lucky" for $35. Its of a lil skeleton guy playing guitar and a woolf sitting in a chair smoking. jive sauce. I also got and extremely cool Shag- Paul Frank wallet. Let me just say it doesnt get any hipper than Shag or Paul Frank and when the two get together its an amazing thing. Paul Frank is coming out with a line of Shag stuff and tonight they were selling the artist proofs of a spiffy tiki wallet (i got # 39 out of 70), a skull cd wallet, and two spiffy purses. Majorly hip stuff I tell you. Im still sick so I now shall take large amounts of NyQuill and go to bed. Until next time my pets.

Monday, January 01, 2001

So its now 10:01 on 01/01/01. Crazy stuff! New Years was pretty ok. I was am sick with a lil cold and although my allery meds take care of the stuffy nose part I had a real scratchy throat and my voice was begining to go. So we all went to downtown Pasedena for the big countdown. I must say if I learned one thing this evening it would be just how funny it is to spray people with silly string. Especially strangers. Colorado street was pretty insane. But we basically just kicked it in the street with thousands of other people spraying silly string and throwing confetti. Afterwards we went to Jackie and Kristys parents place in South Pasedena and had a lil partay. My voice was now in the James Earl Jones range. We all enjoyed a lil champagne' and other such alcoholic bevarages, and even their dog Hunter got a lil tipsy after Paul spilled Bourban on his head. After all of this debauchery Shanna, Briana, Chris, Justin, and I went to Canters for a bite to eat. Mmm Maztoball Soup. As we sat down at the table my voice had already entered the Barry White stage and by the time we left my voice was non existant.

This brings us to today. I wake up at 2 to a ringing phone. I pick up the reciever and to my dismay I am completely unable to produce any type of vocal sound. Luckily it was someone for my sister so I just hung up. I then went back to sleep for another hour. Bunk. So when I wake up again, I decide that being this is the first day of a new year, why not start it off with a new hair color. So I go to the store to buy some bleach and when the lady asks if I know how to use it I just nod my head yes. She asks if I want any protein conditioner mess, I nod my head no. She then asks what my zip code is. I try to whisper it and she totally doesnt hear me. After the third time of me whispering she got an attitude and I had a brainstorm and showed her my license. Not talking sucks wet bumhole.

So now I have officially begun 2001 a tow headed mute. heh. Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 31, 2000

Went to see Goat Punishmet tonight. It ROCKED!! For those of you who dont know, Goat Punishment is a title Weezer plays under when they play at small little venues as practice gigs. Tonight they played at the Knitting Factory, a venue in Hollywood Ive never been to. Overall Id say it was a pretty hip place. The first band was called Filo Kiley, I think, and I only heard 5 minutes of their set but they seemed pretty cool. Then Ozma came out and rocked our socks off. These kids sure do kick ass. Rumor has it they will be touring with Weezer on their upcoming tour. This would be awesome. Ozma+The Get Up Kids+Weezer = the perfect rock and roll experience. So after a while Goat Punishment came out and played to a crowd of buck wild fans. So buck wild that the floor was pulsating beneath my feet to the rythm. They opend up with "My Name Is Jonas" which was awesome and their set included the 2 new holiday songs, "The Christmas Song" and "Christmas Celebration." They also played "You Gave Your Love To Me Softly" which was a nice lil surprise. But the highlight of the evening for me was when they did "Only In Dreams". This is one of my alltime favorite Weezer songs and Ive never heard them do it live. It was truly awesome. They even played for a full hour this time, which is the longest set Ive ever seen them do. All in all a totally rad show.

So tomarrow is new years eve. After months of deliberation, we finally decided just to hang out in Old Town Pasedena where the Rose Parade takes place for the big count down, then go to Jackie and Kristy's mom's place which is 5 min away for a lil after partay. There really isnt anything exciting hapening for New Years. Nothing cheap and near by anyways. But Im gonna make a Mega Party Dance Mix CD with my new CD burner so it will be a pretty hot party. Anyhoo Ill let ya know how it goes.