Thursday, January 18, 2001

So today I started a new job. Due to confidentiality restrictions, I am limited in what I can say about it. But basically, its with an online Public Relations company called I am what is known as a "chat master." Its basically just online marketing and advertising, and I get to sit at a computer all day chatting and spreading the word about varius companies, products and websites. Pretty hip stuff. The only bad part is that the job is located in a loft on Melrose, right in the hip shopping district so traffic is hell unlike any other. I really hate traffic. But at least I got a spiffy new car stereo which makes it better.

Speaking of music, my new favorite song of right now is "Genius" by the Dandy Warhols. It is off thier first CD called "Dandys Rule OK". I finally found this CD the other night at the Tower Records on Sunset. I must say that store is way cooler than all the other ones. The one in Marina Del Rey sucks these days. Oh and guess who was in line when I walked in the store! Ill give you a hint. Shes a famous super model and her name rhymes with Blaudia Pliffer. Thats correct! Claudia Schiffer! She was just standing in line and everyone in the store was all whispering " is that Claudia Schiffer???" It was crazy stuff. Shes way hotter in real life too. So anyways I finally found "Dandys Rule OK" and its some majorly hip stuff. "Genius" is definetly my favorite track so far. I must reckon that the Dandys have possibly secured a position in my top 5 favorite bands of all time.

On the "missing Weezer ticket" front, my ticket is still missing. The show isnt until march 16th but I already dont like the looks of this. I cleaned off my whole desk and it is still nowhere to be found. The last time I remember seeing it was when I got the new printer for Xmas and I cleaned off my desk to make room. This is bunk USA. There still is one ray of hope though, the table with my guitar amp on it is piled up with all sorts of junk so it could possibly be in there somwhere. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Thats all for now kids. Goodnight and Godbless.

Sunday, January 14, 2001

Tonight I went bowling at the Hollywood Allstar Lanes with my pals Shanna, Sarah, Jackie, Dom, and Greg. As usual I won, with a score of 175. My highest is 181. I woulda beat it too, cus I had got 2 strikes and then a spare and then two more strikes in a row. That one little pin blew it for me. Jackie came in second with 123, not bad. The rest of the scores are really just too pitiful to mention. While we were bowling we discovered this cool bubblegum vending machine that sold "Bohemian Bracelets" for fifty cents. It doesnt get any hipper than "Bohemian Bracelets" really. Shanna got one, and I did too so I could say "Im bohemian like you!" heh! get it! (Dandy Warhols refrence) Shannas had a tassle and mine was just dumb beads.

After bowling we went to Swingers. Our waitress had attitude. When we asked for more water she rolled her eyes. Too bad for her she got a sucky tip. Someguy had put a $5 bill in the jukebox and told me I could pick the last 6 songs, but being the nice guy that I am I only picked 3, and let Jackie and Greg have the rest. I picked L7-Wargasm, Radiohead-Blackstar, and Blur-Parklife. I reckon Ill play Blackstar everytime Im there as long as the Bends is in the jukebox. It really is the best CD ever. Greg picked two Stevie Wonder songs and Jackie picked Apples In Stereo. Pretty hip stuff. I then had a cheeseburger and mashed potatoes. Then for dessert Shanna, Sarah and I shared a Vanilla Milkshake.

After Swingers we went back to Shannas where we played with her toys and went to where we harshly judged, rated, and commented on people. That sites like Crack. Its so bad, yet you just cant stop. Not that I know what Crack is like or anything.

My favorite song of right now is Red Letter Day by The Get-Up Kids. Its off their CD "Something to Write Home About." It came out a while ago but Ive been listening to it alot these days and I really like that song. They are touring with Weezer soon and Im quite psyched to see them. However I cannot find my commemorative ticket that came in the mail. Bunk. Anyways, Its bed time! Adios!