Friday, January 26, 2001

For gripes sake Im sick again!! This is my second cold in a month. Whats going on immune system?? As I sit here drinking my Cold Buster Smoothie from Jamba Juice I must ponder who it was that gave me this blasphemous virus. It might have been Shanna cus she was saying her throat hurt the other night. Or perhaps it was my sister Amy who stayed home from school last week cus she was "sick". But for Amy sick means she was up to late on the phone to go to school. Or possibly it was my old boss from Urban Outfitters I ran into the other day who said she was fighting a cold. Who can really say. But who ever it was is a punk. I even tried that new Zicam stuff I keep seeing commercials on TV for and lemme tell you that stuff hurts like a bitch. Its like sniffing battery acid up your nose. I read the label afterward and it said you arent sposed to sniff it up, just squirt it in your nose, so I guess that was my bad, but still it was mad painfull.

So I know it seems like this blog is quickly turning into "Jeff's Celebrity Sighting Story Collection" but I have yet another to add to the list. This ones really a psuedo-celebrity but still pretty jive. Shanna and I were walkin down the 3rd Street Promenade last week and who do we see walking towards us but the adorable Colleen from Survivor. She was pretty adorable in real life eventhough she was in the Shitlist section of my website ( ) for promoting that sucky Blistex. I actually just threw my Blistex out a few days ago cus it sucked so much, or I would have had her sign it. You know that would have made a crap load of money on Ebay. I also just saw the guy from Jackass on Melrose yestarday too. I saw him at that Wasteland store on my break. I didnt get too close to him cus he probably smelled like poo. Why cant I ever see someone hot like Melissa Auf Der Maur or Liv Tyler.

Oh there has been some dramatic events in the missing Weezer ticket saga. I just found out the rest of the remaining tickets for the LA Palladium show have sold out!!! They went on sale on Jan 1st. Whats up with that?? Now I seriously must find my ticket. I even looked on Ebay...and theres tickets going for like $200 a pair. But some how the Tampa Florida show didnt sell out.

On the music front my favorite song of right now is a cover of the AC DC song "Hells Bells" by the Dandy Warhols. Its on the part 1 single for Bohemian Like you and it kicks ass.

I guess thats all for now. Howard Stern is on. Adios!!

Sunday, January 21, 2001

Something very disturbing just happened. I just turned on my TV to see Bush on Reverb playing a song that sounded way to similar to Veruca Salt. How you gonna steal a song from your opening band?? I hate that scrawny crooked toothed english man.

Tonight Shanna and I went to see Traffic. After we discovered it was sold out on the Promenade we watched the break dancers and then went to see it in Marina Del Rey. It was pretty good...but kinda long. It was kind of depressing and realistic too. But it was a happy ending sort of. I really like that black guy who was in Boogie Nights too.

I got tickets for the Donnas!! Woo hoo! Only $10 too. The shows not till February though. Sadly I still have not found my Weezer ticket. I think more will go on sale because I know they didnt sell out but I really cant believe I lost mine. But I shall never give up.

I cant think of much else to say. I reckon that means its bed time. Adios!!