Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Chilli Rellanos would be like 10 times better with out the chilli. Why not just have rellanos? Its universe altering stuff like this I think about when eating left over Alcupulcos at 1:23 am. I can feel myself getting sick already yet I continue to eat. Why?

Today I had the day off so I started the day by looking for some hip new shirts. I've been wearing the same two shirts for the last two weeks so I decided to venture to the 3rd street promenade to look for some new ones. First stop, Urban Outfitters. I actually used to work at this store and I still know some of the kids who work there. Though none are cool enough to hook me up with a discount. They really are over priced these days. I find a cool Puma t shirt that says "the Original Puma" in old school looking letters. Its pretty hip stuff. I also find a cool studded belt that I actually have 2 of in red and white but this ones black. All thier shirts suck except one kinda cool one, thats just a black collared shirt with faint red lines on it. Looking at it one would assume its vintage but upon noticing the price tag I see that its made to look vintage by some Euorpean sounding brand and the originial price is $110. Bunk city, USA. Whats the deal? Its actually on sale for $69 which somehow seems even more offensive. I purchase my belt and t shirt and a cool green and black space age looking ashtray and bust a move down the promenade.

Next stop, Muskrat vintage. This store is way over priced. Thier stuff isnt even that cool. They do have a nifty selection of 80's rock t shirts but even they are over priced.

Next stop, Jamba Juice. Im still getting over my cold so I decide to get another Cold Buster. Theyre pretty tasty and 2500% of your daily necessary vitamin C requirements.

I then continue up Santa Monica Boulevard to what is quite possibly one of the hippest stores around these days, BBC Vintage. Some of the folks from Muskrat need to walk up the street and take a gander at what a vintage store should be. They were having a sale on coats and long sleeve shirts, and that included a whole rack of Western shirts. I do love Western Shirts. I got 3, and only spent about $16. Thats a deal you cant beat with a stick.

On the way back down the promenade, I decide to go into the Diesel store and look at all the cool stuff I cant afford. They too are having a sale, and I find a long sleeve green shirt on sale for a reasonable $29.99. I ask to try it on and this is when I find out an interesting thing about the Diesel store. They have two dressing rooms in the middle of the store that are all nice and hip in the inside, all perfectly clean with spiffy lighting. These apparently are reserved for the rich suckers planning to spend a thousand dollars on two articles of clothing. Us regular folks trying on the $29 shirts get taken to the back dressing rooms. These rooms are small and dirty and the lighting sucks. And just when I think things cant get any worse, I close the door and what do I see? Thats right, a big green booger smeared on the wall. By the looks of it its been there a while and doesnt show any signs of being removed anytime soon. If you dont believe me, go there yourself, its in the second dressing room from the left at the very back of the store. I buy my sale priced shirt and take my ass home.

Actually I go to Shannas house and after an hour of deliberation we decide to go eat Thai Food. And mmm was it good. We had fried tofu in peanut butter sauce and good wonton soup for appetizers. This soup was the bomb.com. Possibly the best Ive ever had. We also get Pad Thai and Path See Eew. Those are both weird noodle dishes that are quite tasty as well. I am now so stuffed I want to die. On the way out a really funny thing happens. We're looking at the Koi Pond out front, and Shanna exclaims, "Hey look at that one! Its got furry legs!!" I found this quite funny beings that fish do not have fur, nor do they have legs. What she meant to say was "Hey look at that one! It has a large, flowing tail!" With your hopes and prayers, mabye one day Shanna will be able to put down the crack pipe once and for all.

After dinner we went back to Shanna's and met up with our pals, Nicole and Anh. They used to live here but they moved to San Francisco a few months ago. Nicole has a blog too, check it out: http://softpretzel.blogspot.com/ This was thier first trip home since they moved and with them they brought my belated birthday present. A cool gold Paul Frank checkbook cover!! Its glittery and sexy and has a car on it. It just oozes class and sophistication. We hung out for a while but Shanna had to get up at 6 am the next morning for school so that was about it. I still have two more weeks. I already cant wait for spring break. We might go on a cruise. Or to Vegas, but who can really say.

I reckon its now bedtime. I am so regretting that mexican food. Somebody show me the Alieve. Goodnight!!