Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Bless me father for I have sinned. It has been more than a week since my last blog. Not much has happened really. I've been working. And hanging out at the House of Sickness aka Holzer Residence. Shanna and Bri have been quite ill lately. I bring the Coldbusters and we attempt to rent good movies like Virgin Suicides but Blockbuster never has it. We end up getting Scary Movie instead.

I've also been going Napster crazy lately. Mabye its cus I know theyre gonna start charging for it soon. I got lots of Death Cab For Cutie who are playing tonight at the Knitting Factory, but no one I know likes them so I wont go. I wish I had a siamese twin to take with me to concerts none of my friends will go to. I could have seen Portishead, Hooverphonic and Imperial Teen like 4 times. I also downloaded a few Kara's Flowers songs. When did they become all James Taylor?? Back in the day Nicole, Moria and I used to go to all their shows and they were never this adult contemporary. Crazy stuff. Ahh the good ol days. Kara's Flowers, Teen Heroes, Bank of Brian. Hahahaha. I dont think most of these bands are even together anymore. Heh.

Oh I got a new video game! Paper Mario! Its kinda weird actually. Its all 2-D and you fight goombas with all these weird attack moves. The language cracks me up too. They keep using the word "veranda" instead of balcony. And they casually throw in words like "old school" to try sound like the hip youth of America. Oh those N64 folks.

I cant think of much else to write at the moment and you know what that means. Bedtime. Adios!