Friday, February 16, 2001

So I have now completed my first week of classes. Woo woo. I dropped my airbrush class cus it was lame. Who really wants to airbrush anyways? Plus the class was filled with dumb taggers and the greasy ponytail man previously mentioned in my last blog. My Life Drawing class seems pretty cool though. The teacher is this 60 year old little Italian man with a thick accent. In additon to drawing naked people we will also be memorizing every bone and muscle in the body and making detlailed graphs and charts of each. Great! Also we have to get one of those black leather sketch notebooks and fill every page up with whatever we want but the end of the semester. Its 1/3 of our grade and we can include anything we want, drawings, photos, poems, computer design, etc. This should be fun. Im gonna make my own comic strip. Im gonna take all my friends and turn them into animals and make them do funny things. Jackie and Kristy will be two slutty drug addict Deers, named Blackie and Misty. They will smoke cigarettes and wear bells around their necks. I havent though of anything but that yet, but I will for sure be the next Matt Groening.

So after this class my afternoon of hell began. I have a huge list of art supplies to get now and every art store in Santa Monica just seems to be out of everything. To make a long traffic filled story short I went to 4 different art stores buying one or two things at each and I still dont have everything. I nearly shit a midget at Graphaids because apparently they are the only place that sells 24x36x1/2 inch think Foamcore, so I look in the Foamcore section in the 24x36x1/2 slot and what do you know its empty. As my blood begins to boil I notice a thick piece in with the 3/4 inch pieces and low and behold its what Im looking for. So I take my foam core up to the register and all of a sudden this idiot 3 year old girl comes running up towards me and runs smack into the foam core. I see this and think, ok, its 1/2 thick, its strong stuff it will be ok. Unfortunetly I didnt account for the fact that while her mom was off not paying attention to her she had gotten into the charcol sets and has now smeared black charcol handprints all over the last piece of foamcore. I envision picking her up and throwing her out into traffic on Santa Monica boulevard. As it turns out they guy behind the register said they had more in the back and got me a clean one and said hed add the ruined one to the mom's bill. Mabye there is a God.

So after my 3 hour trip around town I return to school to go to my math class and Im already 5 minutes late. As I finally get to class and attempt to find a seat, wouldnt you know it, as I sit down in my seat my studded belt slides against the plastic and makes a huge loud farting noise. This belt will be the death of me I swear. I already ruined the apholstry at 2 resutrants and have stepped on it on my floor twice and rendered myself incapacitated. Its a hip belt though.

Survivor was on tonight. I really hate everyone on the show. Except Madog but shes gone now. I especially hate Geri. She is just the type of dumb L.A. wanna be actress bitch who would come into Urban Outfitters' fitting room and challange the 5 items at a time limit and think shes gonna be the one excpetion to the rule. I bet anything she was one of those idiots who did this when I worked there. And now her heads even bigger cus shes on TV. If she even wins the million bucks. And whats up with that guy killing the pig? And smearing blood on his face?? What a psycho. I think the only one I like is Kimmi even though shes loud and obnoxious.

Have any of you kids been to If not you really must check it out. Somepeople at my work showed it to me the other day. In thier Emovies section they have the most amazing movie of this cat thats stuck on top of a 50 foot telephone pole. And this firemans on a ladder trying to get it down and all of a sudden it gets scared and jumps like 150 feet across the street and lands perfectly and runs off. It seriously flies in the air. Crazy, crazy stuff.

Anyways kids Its about that time. Paper Mario is calling my name!! Adios!

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

I started school today. Woo. My first class was pretty lame. Its Introduction to Airbrush Technique. The teacher is way funny. He used like 20 Car analogies in only an hour of class.(in a southern blackman's accent) "You see the VC Single Action Airbrush is like the Honda Accord, its dependable and its there when you need it. However the Dual Action is more like the Porsche (pronounced Po-Shay), it may look good and be somewhat dependable, but it requires a lot of maintenance." Anyways he seems nice and funny and all but the class looks kinda boring cus theres only a few airbrushes to go around and its more about the technique and not the creativity which is bunk. I just wanted to make cool art but I guess this isnt the class for that. Plus theres no cool people in the class. This one man is like 50 and has a greasy ponytail and chews tobbaco. Also I cant use this class towards my major, credits wise, so theres really not much point. Ill stick to computer design.

I also went to my Math class today and it seems ok. The professer is real young and looks just like the the guy from "Dude Wheres My Car." Not the 70's Show guy, the other guy. And no joke he said the word "Arbitrary" over 10 times in an hour when reffering to math rules. Why is it teachers are so easy to make fun of? Seriously every teacher in college I have ever had, has had some sort of really easy to make fun of quality. Shanna and mine's Design 1 teacher was an elderly Italian Stallion who only payed attention to the young hot chicks in our class and would say perverted things to them with his Italian accent. He reffered to one girl as "sex kitten". And we did these projects with bell peppers and he kept reffering to them as "Peppas". We also had an Art History teacher who spoke exactly like Ana Gasteyer's radio broadcaster charachter on SNL. She spoke all soft with a Minneasotan accent. Her quote was "Are ya with me?" and she ended every sentance with, "yeah, ok?" Then there was our English 2 Proffesser who was clearly white but dressed like an American Indian. Legit suede vests and beaded moccasins included. It must be a gene thing. Anyways tommarow I have Life Drawing ( woo hoo nekkid people!) so Ill let you know how that goes. Im also taking an online HTML Internet class so I can make a cool website and not just my dumb one. Which by the way can be found at .

I worked a double shift on Sunday. 12 hours chatting online. I nearly went beserk. Feel free to IM me on AOL or AIM at anytime to relieve my insanity. My screenames are ConfettiJesus or VivaJuliusMonkey. Speaking of Julius Monkey I won an awesome Julius sticker on ebay! Its the plastic non fading kind so I wanna put it on my car, but I already have an Evilbear Radiohead sticker on it. Both together would look tacky. Mabye I should just get rid of the Evilbear. Well see.

Its raining like a son of a bitch right now. I like rain but it really sucks driving in it. Its like peoples brains stop working right if its wet out. This old man was driving 15 mph down Fairfax the other day and after a 12 hour shift I felt I could not be held responsible for tailgating and giving vulgar hand signals as I swerved around him. I cannot express how much I want a missle launcher on my car.

My favorite song of right now is "One Summer Last Fall" by Jets to Brazil. I just got thier cd Four Cornered Night and I really dig it. Its weird because all of the tracks sound really different, but theyre all really good. I also got the Donna's new album, The Donnas Turn 21. Working on Melrose rules because apparenlty all of the stores on the street will give you a discount if you tell them you work on Melrose. Including Pennylane Music which rocks. The Donnas are sexy bitches. And thier songs totally crack me up. Its all about making out and smoking pot. Theyre so punk rock. Oh also I take back what I said about Karas Flowers. Actually I dont take it back cus they do sound like James Taylor, but I admit thier new songs have grown on me. "The Fog" and "Everyday Goodbyes" kinda rock. In a James Taylor kind of way of course.

Well Im off to do math homework now. (shiver). Catch ya later.