Saturday, February 24, 2001

So last night was the Donnas. And what a show it was. Bri and I showed up at about 9 and none of the bands had played yet. Why is the Roxy so retarded? That place takes for ever to let the bands go on. It was a really weird crowd. Lots of 30+ year olds who just didnt seem to get it, yet were still there. And the rest were a mix of Rockabilly kids and "hardcore" "punks". Hah. So the first band that played was called Tulli. They are from Canada. They werent bad. They seemed to have thier shit together musically. The lead singer looked like Cameron Diaz and they covered Garbage's "Only Happy When It Rains." What can I say, Im a sucker for girls with guitars. The next band was Bratmobile. I had actually heard from several people that Bratmobile were a pretty cool band, but frankley I just didnt dig it. Infact it rather pained me to sit through thier set. Mabye thier CD is good, but seeing them live made me wanna self mutilate. First off they are lacking a bass player. Why, I do not know. Second, theres only one guitar player and she seems to think there are only two strings on a guitar. Why she ignores the bottom 4 strings, again I do not know. Thirdly the lead singer chick talks way too much. After every song she just blabbed and blabbed. And she really was annoying the way she bopped all over the stage with her ponytails. Actually she sorta looked like my friend Paul if he put on a red wig. The drummer was ok and the keyboardist was hot, but it just seemed they needed more of a band. So finally after what seemed like for ever the Donnas came out. Damn that Donna R. is hot stuff. She totally rocked. They all rocked, really. They were really really good live. They played a pretty decent set, with lots of older stuff and new stuff and even the cover of Judas Priest's "Living After Midnight." Damn they are hot. I cannot stress enough the heat that was eminating from the Roxy last night. Donna F. told some really funny jokes too. One that comes to mind..."Why did the siamese twins go to England?" "So the other one could drive." Hah! So thier set was really awesome and I got a t shirt and a pin that says "Do you wanna hit it?"

So what else happned since my last blog...oh the Grammy's. What a joke. That mess was pure comedy. I honestly didnt pay much attention to the Tv while it was on, but I did see the Who Let the Dogs out people beat Moby. If that doesnt say it all, I dont know what does. I dont understand how the supposed "most credible music awards" in the industry pick such an obvious joke of a song, over a finely crafted work by an artist with more talent and genius in his left nut than the Baja Men could ever hope to see. Popular music sickens me. And that whole Eminem - Elton John thing...can you say media induced ratings booster? What a joke. That whole thing was so boring.

So that brings us to this evening. I worked. But after work is when all the fun started. It was Operation Porn 2001. See, Im taking this life drawing class that requires these "plates" where we draw sections of muscle and bone from photographs and put it all together on big posters. So basically I need naked pictures that I can cut up and draw. The teacher actually recomened porno mags to us, but he told us to be wary of the hardcore stuff, because we need poses, not hot sex action. So I start thinking to myself where can an everyday Joe like myself go to buy porn and not feel like a perv. Finally it comes to me in a vision, the Hustler store on Sunsted blvd. Ill feel way less pervacious buying porn in a place that also has hot bagels and a juice bar. So I make my way to the porn section and to my demise I notice every single magazine is wrapped in plastic. I now realize that I am just God's entertainment for the evening and he is sitting in heaven laughing his ass off at me. So Im looking through the porn at titles like "Juggg's" (really spelled with 3 g's), "Barely 18", and" Black Tail". So I figure Playboy is probably the most tame, and I also notice the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, so I grab those. After 10 minutes of staring in amazement, I work up the nerve to ask for help. This chick who works there suggests I go for "Legggs" (again with 3 g's) and Perfect 10. So Im thinking 4 mags should be enough, but Ill probably need something with a male in it for the assignment. I take a quick walk past the gay porn section and decide its just too much for my eyes and keep walking. I find a Muscle Fitness magazine in the G rated section and decide this will have to do. So I get inline behind two women buying like 50 dildos, a gallon of liquid latex, and a whip. I dont think to many people have experiences like this. Mabye its cus this is L.A. Who knows. In any case I debate whether or not to tell the chick at the register who has bright red hair and is totally hot, that these mags are for an art class and not my own personal enjoyment. I decide that will seem just as perverted and that if Im gonna come off as a pervert I might as well be a pervert with guts. So I buy my mags, operation Porn 2001 complete.

So on the back down Sunset I decide to stop at Tower Records, because this Tower always has cool stuff. Indeed this time was no different, I found part 2 of the Dandywarhols Bohemian Like You Single, and the Get Up Kids Red Letter Day/Woodson Ep. Cool stuff. Oh I forget If I already mentioned this in a past Blog, but my position at the L.A. Weezer/Get Up Kids/Ozma show is now secured. I found my missing ticket. Somehow it managed its way into the Shag print book that Shanna got me for my birthday. The book was hidden under a pile of crap on my guitar amp along with 3 long forgotten boxes of Botan Rice Candy and a Jury Duty Supena. D'oh.

Allrighty I will now listen to my Dandy Warhols single and go to bed. Adios!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

I would just like to say, that I like Moby. He was just on Craig Kilborn and not only is he funny and clever, but hes well spoken and seems like the least biggest asshole "celebrity" around these days. I dont actually own his CD, but Ive heard it many many times at work, and it rocks. I think I will buy it someday. Also I read somewhere a quote of his that said something about how all of the music charts these days are filled with crap like Who Let the Dogs Out and Nysnc because all of the smart people are on Napster downloading good music for free. Hehe. Moby rules.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

So this weekend was pretty hip. I worked everyday, but still managed to live after midnight, rock to the dawn, and love till the morning. Saturday evening after I got off work I went to visit Shanna at Starbucks. Bri and I watched them close the store and then we kicked it in the parking lot and played with the leftover Baguettes. You know your hip when you spend you Saturday night in the dimly lit parking lot of Starbucks amusing yourself with day old baked goods. Afterwards we went to Swingers and I had pancakes.

Sunday night I worked again, and after I met Jandk, Paul, and Sarah Wise and thier friends at the Hollywood Allstar Lanes. There were 12 of us so we bowled in teams and our team sucked big time. Jandk did unusually bad both scoring in the 90's. Sarah Wise was the comedy for the evening with a score of 39. But she gets an A for effort. Her friends both scored in the 60's and I got a not too terrible 131. Paul and his team totally kicked our asses. The highlight of this bowling extravaganza was when we saw "Jake" from Melrose Place. L.A. is just crawling with big time Hollywood celebs these days. After bowling we met up with Shanna and Bri, and went to where else but Swingers. Actually this time we went to the one in Beverly Hills. Im not sure I like this one as much as the one in Santa Monica. The jukebox is way less hip and the music was so loud that the waitress couldnt hear us and got all our orders wrong. Or she was just dumb. But damn that French Toast is good.

Monday we had off of school for Presidents Day so Shanna and I took a long drive to Newport Beach to go to the Paul Frank store. Man is he hip stuff. They had so much cool stuff and it was super cheap. They had a special, 3 t shirts for $30 so I hooked myself up. And I got a bunch of stickers and pins and a jive Julius Poster. And I am proud to say I will now have the warmest, hippest, most stylish wrists in town, for I am now the proud owner of genuine Paul Frank lightning bolt wrist warmers. It just doesnt get any cooler than this folks. On the way back up we went to Ikea and I got some pillows and a red mouse pad with a dot on it. Back on our side of town we went to Souplantation where I stuffed myself to capacity.

Overall a pretty ok weekend. Now back to my regularly schedualed boring existance. Woo hoo the Donnas are on thursday. Partay. I guess Ill go study now or something. Yeah right. Bye.