Friday, March 02, 2001

I am sitting here at 1:30 am starving like heck and the only edible thing in my fridge is a left over Ultimo Burrito from Baja Fresh, which we all know cannot be eaten after midnight or chaos will ensue, and a Lunchable with an experation date of March 1. I am officially one and a half hours into March 2nd. Its these types of decisions that drive a man to insanity. To eat or not to eat?? The package is now open and upon entrance I notice no immediate foul odor. However, the ham doesnt look well. There seem to be little white flakes around the edges. This could be ice, since it was way in the back of the fridge, but Im so not gonna risk it. The cheese looks ok. Its American so it probably doesnt contain anything real anyways that can go bad. The crackers are cool too. Looks like its cheese and crackers for Jeff. And Capri Sun. If there are no future blog entries after this, youlle know why.

So I saw Survivor again tonight. Two words - Jungle Karma. A psychotic man brutally murders a wild pig in the jungle and smears blood all over his hands and face and one episode later, he falls into a campfire burning his hands and face. Coincidence?? I think not! How does someone pass out into a fire anyways? Mabye its possible if he was inhaling the smoke, but Ive never heard of anything like that before. Homeboy done pissed off some jungle spirits big time when he killed that pig. If only Kimmi were around still she so woulda pointed this out to them. Anyways his hands looked gross, but I hope he comes back to kick Geri's ass.

Today in Life Drawing class, we drew this naked woman, who had a crazy vagina. I dont proclaim to be a vagina expert or anything, but this one was just funky looking. It looked like it was falling apart. Like all her stuff was fully visible while she was just standing up. She looked like she needed a pencil to push it all back where its sposed to be or something. I think I saw something about this on Howard Stern once actually. A woman got vaginal reconstructive surgery cuz it was all saggy. Thats crazy stuff.

So I saw an ad in LA Weekly for that Coachella Festival and guess whos playing. Weezer! and the Dandy Warhols! And Blonde Redhead and Pedro the Lion! Too bad its $65 and in Palm Springs. Weezer Im seeing on the 16th anyways, but I really wanna see the Dandies again. Oh and Death Cab For Cutie is playing on March 3rd at Spaceland. I think thats a Saturday. I really hope I dont have to work because I missed both thier last shows. I got some new cd's the other day. The Get Up Kids, Woodson/Red Letter Day double EP. Pretty cool stuff. I really like Red Letter Day. Also I got American Hi Fi. For those of you not "with it" American Hi Fi is a band comprised of former members of Veruca Salt, Letters to Cleo, Fig Dish, and some other guy. All three of those bands rock so I had to check them out. Actually I got a few of thier songs off Napster a few months ago. Its pretty hip stuff. Its produced by Bob Rock who rocks and also did 8 Arms to Hold You, my favorite album of all time, and Nina's album, Tonight and the Rest of My Life. Bob Rock kicks ass. If Im ever in a band, and making a CD, I want Bob Rock to produce it for sure.

Woah guess what movie is on. Happiness. For anyone who hasnt seen this movie, go rent it now. It will change the way you live. It seriously is the most shocking, disturbing, hilariously embarassing, sickening, awesome movie of all time. Theres parts that just totally make you cringe. But yet its so funny. You just gotta see it to believe it.

Shanna got me this candy called Milka, from some dumb store in Hollywood. Its from France and its a little Egg Carton, filled with four life size chocolate eggs. It comes with spoons, and youre sposed to crack the top off and eat out the candy yolk with them. Its fucking crazy. I love international candy. Germans make the best chocolate, the French have eggs with candy yolk, and dont even get me started on Japanese Botan Rice Candy. I love it more than anything.

I just got a random IM, from "DavyJonesMullet", with a link that just says Indie Rock. Under normal circumstances Id tell them to bite me, but that screenames so cool I have to check it out. No numbers, no abbrievations, and it rocks. Thats a screename with class and sophistication. That reminds me actually, I am no longer Rockstar62. I am now PunkMonkeyDeluxe, so feel free to IM me and say "Hi, I think your blogs are clever, witty, and greatly entertaining." Hehe. Allrighty Im gonna check out this site and then go to bed. It better not suck. Later!