Friday, March 09, 2001

So now that I opened this new blog Im not really remembering what it is I was gonna talk about. I just blogged last night. Why am I back again?? Not much has happened. I got a hair cut. I got some new Pumas. I got a free Pikachu heychain in a box of granola bars. Hah where has my life gone. I was gonna go see Death Cab For Cutie tonight but I missed them for the 5th time. Shanna had to work and the twins had a class until 9:30. I bet they rocked. Theyre playing tommarow night at Spaceland but I must work. Mabye if they dont go on till late I can make it. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Im making a new mix CD. Its called Jeff's Early 90's Dance Hit Mega Mix Compilation. 28 of the most old skool dance hits from 90-95. All from Napster obviously. Im getting all I can before they go down. Remember "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe? Got it. Remember "I saw the sign" by Ace of Base? Got it. How bout "I wanna sex U up?" from Color Me Bad? Got that too. When I say early 90's dance hits I mean early 90's dance hits. I already have so many I think Ill have to make a Volume II and a Volume II. I could so sell these on Ebay.

Woah Courtney Loves new band! Its called Bastard and its "C.Lo", the apparently newly sober Patty Schemel, Louise hot sex Post, and Gina somebody from Rockitgirl. Can you say erection?? That is too much. I was reading all about it on the Hole message boards earlier. I cant believe it. Thats gonna be some mess. I wonder who will sing. 1/2 Hole + 1/2 Veruca Salt = 1 Hell of a sexy rock and roll fantasy.

Ok Im already out of things to say. Im gonna go. Bye.

Thursday, March 08, 2001

Woah did you know Nick At Night now shows reruns of ALF? Crazy.

So today I didnt go to class. I guess its ok because I think my teacher is an alcholic. Actually thats what people in the class were saying. He just didnt show up for class twice last week and on monday he gave us some bullshit 20 minute lesson. So the other day he was like 20 minutes late and this guy in the class told me he smelled vodka on his breath. That sucks and all if he really does have a problem, but if it helps me pass Im not complaining.

So since this was my first day off in like a month I decided to run some errands. One of them was going to Costco. Let me just say that place is mad hell. Mabye its just the oversided shopping carts, but people seriously go nuts in there. They need to require licenses to push those things. People have no sense of staying to one side of the aisle as to let others by. And everyone is so testy like youre gonna get the last gigantic pack of toilet paper and theres none left anywhere so they have to run you over to get it. I actually got some pretty hip stuff though. I got 2, 12 packs of Jones Soda. Damn I love Jones Soda. It goes quite well with this Hawaiin Kettle Corn I got too. I also got a huge box of Blow Pops and 4 pack of sticky film for my Izone Camera.

Yestarday Shanna and I went to Pic N Save. They had some pretty hip stuff. I got a pair of those old school brown striped flip flops for 99 cents, a set of bamboo coasters for $1.99, a cool see through green glass ashtray for $1.69, a pair of yellow avaitors for 88 cents and a hollographic virgin mary air freshener for 59 cents. Not too shabby.

I also got the new Aerosmith CD. Not at Pic N Save obviously. Im not really that into thier new stuff as much these days, but since they were the first CD I ever bought I will always buy thier CDs. Ive only listend to it once so far but its not bad. I really like Jaded and the video is really cool. This isnt a surprise because theyve always made awesome videos, but this one is really quite beautiful. Its got Jackie from that 70's show in it, and she insanely hott. Its quite refreshing to see videos that actually have plots and storylines and awesome scenery. I think Jay Z needs to see this video. All rap videos these days are exactly the same. Its all a bunch of rappers wearing expensive oversized clothing, tons of jewelery that doesnt belong to them, throwing money around that also probably doesnt belong to them, surrounded by naked black chicks that certainly dont belong to them. What a joke. I cant imagine they are really impressing anyone. Whats funny too is that you know they just rent all that stuff and the video only costs like a thousand bucks to make.

Haha woah whered that rant come from? Im kinda tired now. I think Ill go lay down and have a Jones Bubble Gum soda. Hehe. Until next time...