Friday, March 16, 2001

Things I hate : Santa Monica College.

First off I got a fucking parking ticket today. This really pisses me off. Ive been parking in the same spot every tuesday and thursday since the semester started 5 weeks ago and today somehow this becomes illegal. What the fuck. Apparently since there only were single lines around the spot and not double this means it isnt a valid spot. Like some idiot just decided to leave out some lines on one random spot out of 1000 and not put a sign up or paint it a color or anything. Im telling you they do this to fuck with people intentionally. Just like how at the end of the semester when everyones all stressed out over finals and transferring they rent out half the student parking lot to MTV to film the Music Awards and 5000 people can no longer find parking. So anyways I went to the "on duty" security guard who wrote the ticket and of course he says it was someone else and that he is only an employee of the school and doesnt have the power to do anything. Fucking idiot. Then the retard in the campus police station says its "out of her hands" too, and I need to submit a written letter to contest the ticket. Its only $30 which is so not a big deal but this is about the principle. Theres no sign whatsoever that this parking spot is not infact a parking spot. Its the same exact size as all the others and its one random spot in between like 100 others. Fucking piece of shit.

Secondly Im taking this joke of class called Intro to the Internet thats taught completely online. Im allready convinced this is just class to fuck with students because its a prerequisite to any other web related classes, specifically web design which is where Im headed. If you need to take in Introduction to the Internet class, that means youve never used it before, and therefor will not be able to jump online all by yourself to take the class. Am I the only one who sees this? Its called lets make a bunch of rediculous mandatory classes to keep people in our school forever. So the first week of this class was insane. Our assignments included posting a message to a message board, creating a Yahoo account, and defining words like "brb" and "lol". Seriously. So this week I log in to see that all of our assignments are available for download in EXE files only. Well that blows cus Im on a Mac and they dont support EXE files. A couple people posted to our class message board saying they couldnt open the files and the teacher responded with " Oh you better talk to your ISPs" . What a fucking joke. I hate this fucking school. Fuck. I sound like Briana.

Im going to bed now. Weezer and GUK is tomarrow. Rock N Roll. Goodnight.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Ist is just me or has HBO been playing Jawbreaker twice a day for the last week? Dont get me wrong Im not complaining. If anything this is a step in the right direction. Any movie that begins with a Veruca Salt song and features Rose McGowan in tight hotpants is A OK in my book. And not to mention the Donnas are in it. And the Imperial Teen song rocks. And arent Letters to Cleo on the sound track too? This movie rocks.

So fridays Weezer. Im pretty excited. Wanna hear something crazy? My friend Shanna won tickets on Kroq. She just called in randomly after hearing the commercial on the radio and she won them. Crazy huh? Tickets are goin for like $200 on Ebay too. Shannas birthday is on thurs. We were gonna go see Drew Carey at the Improv but it sold out so I guess well go next week. I still have to get her a present. She told me she wants "jive square things" and hoop earrings. Good thing too cus if theres anything I know how to shop for its jive square things and hoop earrings.

Im making a new website. Actually its for work, but hopefully Ill be cancelling AOL soon and getting a cable modem, so my old one wont exist anymore. The new one is called "Ultraluxe". Dont ask me why. I couldnt really think of anything, and Ultraluxe just sounds cool. And it looked really cool in the font Im using. Its gonna be all pimped out with gold and sillouhettes of naked chicks. Aww yeah.

Oh my math teacher isnt an alcoholic as previously mentioned. I think hes just really nerdy. The people in the class are all kinda psycho so who can really say whats going on. Spring break is coming up. We might go on a cruise to Mexico. But the problem is we need four people so it will be cheap, and the twins dont wanna go. Right now its just Shanna and I and mabye Bri. So if anyone reading this wants to go to Mexico from April 13th to the 16th and has a few hundred bucks to spare email me at Heh.

Well thats about it for now. Is it just me or are my Blogs becoming more and more pointless? Mabye the point is in the fact that there is no point. Hah that sounds good to me. Later on donkey kong.