Monday, March 19, 2001

Well goodevening young souls. How is life treating you these days? I just had a fascinating experience picking up dog poop. Its much more interesting when done after midnight. Usually I do it during the day but I wasnt home at all today and couldnt do it till after dark. It made the experience much more exciting. The first clump was just a normal clump, nothing special. But the second clump had a huge slug on it with long googly eyes. The third clump appeared to be normal but as I picked it up with the pooper scooper there were two big fat nightcrawlers under it. They were pretty gross. The fourth clump featured a neatly formed spider web encasing the entire poop, however there was no spider to be found. The fifth and final clump contained some sort of white mold or fungus that had completely taken over the entire poop creating a soft, fuzzlike appearance. My life fucking rules.

So Friday night was Weezer and GUK and I must say it was a pretty awesome show. Although it took us about 4,000 years to get to the Palladium in friday rushour traffic, we got there right after 7 which kicked ass cus we got a free parking spot on the street. After a tremendously invasive security check we got inside and saw all the cool stuff they had set up for us to play with. It was a Yahoo! sponsered concert and they had all of these booths set up to entertain you between bands. One had a bunch of guitars you could play, in another you could burn your own mix cd, and in the two coolest ones you could take a picture with card board cut outs of Weezer, and take a digital photo to email your friends. Unfortounetly I didnt have very good luck with the cut out pics. The first one never came out, and the second came out but I put it in my back pocket during the show and it smeared. But you can still sorta make out me licking Rivers's face. The digi cam pic came out pretty cool. Infact if youd like to see it, go to . Im the one with the hip shades.

As for the bands, they all rocked. Ozma was awesome as usual, and have really hit the big time now that they are selling their T shirts for $25. And to think only a couple years ago they were on my nerdy public access show. Hah. The Get Up Kids were totally rad. This was the first time Ive seen them live and they ruled. I so wanna see them again. I wish they played a longer set, but they did manage to play two of my favorite songs, Red Letter Day and Mass Pike. I got a cool green GUK t shirt (for $25 =P) but its an XL so that bitch better shrink in the dryer. After a long wait Weezer finally came out. They were pretty dope. It was so crazy seeing them with such a huge crowd too. It was kinda annoying because there were lots of 12 year olds there who were like 5 when the blue album came out, but whatever. Everyone was jumping up and down and screaming all the words so loud I could barely hear the band. They played pretty much the same set as the other times Ive seen them. A few new songs I havent heard, a few I have, a few off Pinkerton which was nice, and all the blue album favorites, including Only In Dreams for the encore which was freakin awesome. They also did a B Side - You Gave Your Love to Me Softley which was real cool. Despite all the 12 year olds, it really was assuring to see such a huge, enthusiastic turn out for a band that writes and plays really awesome pop rock songs that dont contain any "aggro-i hate the world-i wanna break things" bullshit. If only Kroq would realize this concept.

After the show I got a crap load of free stuff. Magnets, stickers, handbills, and a super cool Get Up Kids single for 10 minutes. How cool is that? I also successfully aquired another $5 scalper t shirt. What you ask does this mean? Well this looks like a great place to explain my $5 t shirt rule. Basically the rule says I will not pay more than $5 for any concert t shirt, unless its a really cool shirt from a band im not likely to see again soon. Obviously GUK are a prime example of the exception. Other exceptions have included shirts from Hole, the Donnas, and the Dandy Warhols. The reason for this rule is that scalpers will ALWAYS, and I repeat ALWAYS take $5 for their tshirts, even if they are announcing that they cost 10, 15, or even 20 dollars. If you say "all I have is $5" quietly so no one else hears and wave the money in their face, they WILL take it. It has worked for me on several occasions, infact not once have I been turned down. Its worked at the Black Crowes, Garbage, Fiona Apple, Nine Inch Nails, and most recently, Weezer. I highly reccomend this technique to anyone looking to save a buck on over priced concert t shirts.

So that was pretty much the highlight of my weekend. Saturday I worked and after work the twins, and Shanna and I went to a party at my friend Marleigh from work's house. It wasnt a party actually it was a poetry reading, but only like 3 people read poems. The only poem Ive ever written was in 10th grade and it was called "I Am a Whiteboy Who Like Taco Bell." It was published in the schools literary notebook next to "Sometimes I think" by Ernesto Soprani. The funny part is I dont even remember how my poem went, but I remember Ernestos because it was so funny. Anyways we kicked in her cool apartment for a while and then left because I had to work early Sunday morning. After work Sunday, I went out to dinner with Shanna, Bri and the rest of the Holzer family, including Grandma Margie, for Shanna and Grandma Margies Birthdays. We went to the Stinking Rose. I had Pork Chops. Damn it was good. And I will now be emitting that garlic stink from every one of my orifices for the next 7 days.

Oh that new Imac commercial just came on. Thats the hottest commerical. The one with Liz Phair, Iggy Pop, George Clinton, Barry White and Lil Kim all standing on stage. It made me proud for once to own a Mac now that Lil Kim is in the commercial. She rules. But whyd they have to ruin it by throwing Smashmouth in. I hate that man. Just his dumb facial hair annoys the hell out of me. But Lil Kims so cool she makes up for it.

Well I guess thats all for now. Oh wait celebrity sightings. I saw Lit, and Tori Spellings brother who was on 90210 as Steves brother, who Ive seen at so many shows, at Weezer. Those werent too exciting though. I also saw Samantha from Hole, and Punky Brewster shopping withSabrina the Teenage Witch, on Melrose. I was gonna talk to Samantha but I had already embarrased myself by walking back and forth in front of her 4 times to see if it was really her. Heh mabye next time.

Ok thats really all for now. Peace out.