Friday, April 13, 2001

Im going to Las Vegas in approximately 12 hours and I am so procrastinating over packing I decided to Blog. Bahhh. Im staying at the Flamingo Hilton if anyone wants to come visit me. I hope I win some money. I also really wanna go on that Big Shot ride on top of the Stratosphere. Or mabye bungee jumping at Circus Circus. Who can say really.

Crazy stuffs goindown at work. The companys splitting up and I gotta choose devil #1 or devil #2. Actually its not that bad. Buts it drama none the less. If i had a dollar for every whispered rumor or "private meeting" thats gone on in the last 3 days I could tell them all to go fuck themselves and not work for a year. Dont get me wrong though its still better than Urban Outfitters.

Craig Kilborn is so funny. I used to be all about Conan, but lately his voices and nerdy facial expressions are getting on my nerves. Every time a celebrity starts to tell a story he justs interrupts them and drags it out with a face or funny voice. But Craig is all about the random funny. His news clips are hilarious too. Theres this one of a chubby 7 year old black girl in a catholic school uniform who goes " I say it was funny!!" all with attitude. My God she is hilarious. And the rodeo guy with the bruised face rules too. I reckon Im gonna get tickets to see a taping of his show. That would be jive.

So Make Out Club has made me the most popular guy on AOL. For reals I get non stop IM's whenever Im online from punk/emo/mod/rockabilly chicks. Special shout out to Marleigh for telling all the 15 year old girls out there to look me up =) . The funny part is theyre all happy to have found a 22 year old guy interested in 15 year olds. The internet is a scary scary place.

Oh I heard Palo Alto is opening for Phantom Planet at the Glasshouse on the 21st. Does anyone know if this is true? Please email me at if you know. Palo Alto is so awesome. But are they worth sitting through the screaming hoardes of 15 year olds there for Phantom Planet? Wait a minute Ill probably know them all from Make Out Club. I am so there. Pedro the Lions also playing that night. And Jets to Brazils a week after that. So many shows so little time.

Ok im gonna go pack now. Wish me luck in the city of sin. Viva Las Vegas!!

Sunday, April 08, 2001

Tonight my work had it 1 year anniversary party at Ed Debevics in Beverly Hills. It was fun times. We had lots of food and drinks and party action and they payed for the whole thing. Urban Outfitters would never even dream of doing this. Id never been to Ed Debevics before, it was some crazy mess. All singing and dancing on the tables. Yowza! It was good timing too cus Jackie, Kristy and Paul just got hired this week, thanks to me no doubt, so they got to come and now have the pleasure of working with me too. It must be their lucky day.

So I got the Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack. Its kinda weird, but good. Its produced by the most random group of people ever. Its got Adam Duritz from Cownting Crowes, Jane Wiedlin from the Go Gos, Anna Waronker from That Dog, Matthew Sweet and believe it or not Babyface. Dont ask me. Also Kay Hanley who does all the vocals, and her former Letters to Cleo bandmate Michael Einstein write and produce on the album. Ive only listend to it once straight through but it seems like the first half of the album is really cool and 2nd half isnt. Theres two tracks that are straight up boy band that I just dont get. I hope its supposed to be a joke. Theres also some covers of Real Wild Child and Money that are kinda eh. I still think Kay shouldbe getting way more credit for this.

So Spring Break 2001 is here and Im happy to say I have a destination! Shanna and I were gonna go on this cruise but it was way over priced so we decided to take a last minute trip to Vegas. The city of sin. We booked the whole thing online and its really cheap. Like $270 per person including airfare on Southwest for 4 days at the Flamingo Hilton. Cool eh? So we leave friday afternoon and come back monday night. And this time I am so going on that ride at the top of the Stratosphere. We tried to go last year but it was too windy. It should be pretty hip stuff.

Saturday Night Live is so not funny right now. Im watching Howard Stern. This chick Croy is on and shes fucking nuts. I dont know where he finds these people. Beetlejuice is the best though. Nothing is funnier than Beetlejuice. If you dont believe me, check out and see for yourself.

So I joined that Make Out Club website I previously mentioned and Ive been Mr. Popularity ever since. For reals Ive gotten like 20 IMs from chicks ive never met before in the last 2 days. Too bad theyre all 15. Hah oh well. Im outti! Lata!!