Monday, April 23, 2001

Tonight the greatest thing imaginable happened. No joke, my life is now complete. I saw Heather B. from the original Real World, live, in the flesh. And what precious flesh it was. It was fate I tell you. I got off work at 10:00 and met, J and K, and Paul and Ben and the Hollywood Allstar Lanes Bowling Alley on Santa Monica blvd. It was just a normal night, nothing out of the ordinary, but as I walked into the bowling alley, suddenly my world changed for ever. What I saw cannot be described in words. It was as if God had created an image of perfection and displayed her in front of me. And her name was Heather B. My jaw dropped to the floor as I realized it was her. At first my brain doubted what my eyes saw. "Could this be real? Or is it just my imagination?" Ladies and Gentleman, it was the truth. For next to her stood Norman, the gay guy from the very same Real World. I knew now this was no hallucination, it was real. And my heart began to skip a beat. I slowed down as I walked past her to get a good look, and as I heard her voice, it became clear, the moment had arrived. I was face to face with my one true soul mate, Heather B. I then found my friends and alerted them of her presence. They didnt believe me at first either. But who could blame them really? Soon they too bore witness to her holiness. It was a grand, grand day. I then reached for my cell phone to call Shanna and inform her of the greatness that had occurred, but alas there was no reception deep with in the bowling alley, so I made my way outside, where I saw yet even more sexual greatness. Jacinda the model from Real World London. Much hotter in person might I add. What is this I ask myself, a Real World Reunion?? If I see Kameela I just wont know what to do with myself. I informed Shanna of the life changing events that had taken place and she also did not believe me at first, but by hearing the tone of my voice, she soon realized the seriousness of the matter. Heather B is nothing to joke about. Sadly my dreams were shattered shortly, as my friends were done bowling and were ready to leave. As I waited in line to check out, I took one final glance into my true loves eyes, feeling her soul and touching her spirit, I tried my hardest to absorb everything about the moment, so that I would never forget it. In reality it was just a quick chance meeting with my true love and soulmate, lasting mabye only 10 minutes. But it will last forever in my mind.