Monday, April 30, 2001

This weekend was pretty crazy. Friday night was Jets to Brazil and it was awesome. Beings that Im not a guy who enjoys opening bands we showed up at 9:30 hoping Jets would be on next, but we had to see one opener. I dont even know who it was. They werent bad. But I just didnt care. The crowd at the El Rey was running rampant with black rimmed glasses and Jack Purcells, typical indie fans, although No Knife and Pedro the Lion were also playing this night so it was noticably thinned. We got a cool spot on the right side against the wall so we had chairs to stand on. The only bad thing was this really retarded girl was standing next to us who kept making these annoying ass squeeking noises. I think she didnt know how to whistle so she was just shreiking like a dolphin and Shanna wanted to pound her. So Jets played and they were really really awesome. They did a pretty good mix of old and new stuff and I even taped part of "One Summer Last Fall" on my cell phone as my outgoing message. I was quite pleased. This reminds me actually, I had orderd all this stuff from Jade Tree like a month ago and they totally screwed up the order and took forever to send it, so they just sent me all this free stuff. Stickers, buttons, and a coool JTB poster. Pretty hip stuff.

So saturday I started working at the new office. Its pretty crazy. Its in a big building in Hollywood and we share it with a Photographer and a Casting Agency so when I got there there were like 25 elderly mexican ladies outside waiting to be auditoned for something. We are actually in the front of the building which is currently being remodeld so were all crammed into this tiny lil room that used to be the makeup room. The job is pretty much the same except now we have all the models and actors running past our doors. Later in the day they had all these "dancers" aka strippers auditioning. It was pretty cool. I was thinking mabye they cast for Porno's. That would rule. The best part about the new office is that there is no Subway near by. I fucking hate Subway. I eat it every day of my life. I cant even help it. I hate it. Theres just nothing else. But not anymore. I have officially broken free. Actually were right down the street from Canters and the Farmers Market so things are really looking up.

Saturday night Shanna and I went to see Blow. We went to the theater on the Prominade in Santa Monica so once we had our tickets we mosied about for a while. And this is where things took a turn for the best. We went into Dom which is a weird furniture/home/design store and this is where my life took an unexpected turn. I am pleased to announce I am now the proud father of an inflatable sheep. He comes from the Fiji Mountains and I named him William Delaware Dickens. Or Billy D. if you will. I waited till after the movie to inflate him but when I did, he was the star of the Prominade. He was like a moviestar on a red carpet. Everyone was pointing and staring and saying "who is that sexy inflatable sheep??" I was the envy of everyone there. And I cant blame them really, he is one hott sheep. I think Im gonna make him his own website. It will have pictures, a fanclub, and perhaps a blog that hell write in everyday. Of course Ill have to help cus G4 keyboards arent exactly compatable with hooves. I can just see it now, Bill will be the star of the internet. Watch out Cindy Margolis, Billy D is soon to be the most downloaded person on the internet!! And theres nothing you can do to stop him!!

So Blow was really really good. Im all about 70's movies and this one was just awesome. Everyone in it was really good too. Even Johnny Depp. I didnt think about Edward Sciorhands once. I would highly reccomend this film to anyone. Its kinda sad, especially the end but really well done and totally interesting. Go see it. Oh we also finally watched the Virgin Suicides this week. It too was really really good. Definetly rent it. Give me a piece of Kirsten Dunst.

Oh I have a new TV obsession. Bands on the Run on vh1. Its a new reality show where they follow 4 bands around from city to city and they all try to outsell each other in ticketsales and merchandise. And after 5 cities the band with the least money made gets kicked off. Im rooting for the chick band. They are pretty hot and their music is pretty cool, but their name is "Harlow". They wont make it anywhere with that name. The other bands have pretty bad names too. Flickerstick who are all 3rd Eye Blind, Soul Cracker who I dont even know why they chose that name cus theres like 60 other bands with "soul" and "cracker" in their names, and John Doads Band or something like that who think they are Dave Mathews Band. I wonder of Vh1 came up with these names.They seriously suck. Anyways, Im rooting for the chicks. Oh and in Survivor news, Im officially never watching it again. They done kicked Elisabeth off!! Bastards!!! Why cant the cute chick ever win?? Mabye shell get a Chapstick commerical out of it.

I guess thats it for now. I have to go make a webpage for my waste of life Intro to the Internet Class. Its gonna be about mullets. Haha my teachers foreign and so doesnt get it. Hahaha. Later!!