Monday, May 07, 2001

School School School School Work Work Work. Welcome to my life. 4 days of mind nummingly boring classes, then 3 days of braincell killing work. I rule. This week was pretty dull. The high point was monday night when Jackie, Kristy, Ben, Greg, Shanna, and myself went to the Cows End and were harassed by this crazy homeless man named Charlie. It was actually extremely funny. He was probably in his late 60's and kinda looked like James Brown. He was wearing leather pants and a snakeskin jacket so I dont think he was that homeless. He also had an out of tune guitar with him, and the first thing he did when we sat down was ask us if he could play a song for us. So he did, and he also informed us that he was Chuck Berry's nephew. So he sang us this crazy blues song, although he wasnt playing any actual notes, and then when Shanna went to answer her cell phone he stopped singing and said "God damnit woman shut yo mouth!!" It was majorly funny. So he played us this song about how his wife died and his son was shot by the Cripps and he also mentioned in it that his father was Chuck Berry and he went to highschool with Tina Turner. He was clearly nutty. The funniest part though was that I had brought along my inflatable sheep, Bill, and a camera to take some pics for his website at the beach. So before we left Charlie I strategically placed Bill on a couch next to him and snapped a pic. Charlie was kind of surprised but I got the shot nonetheless.

The rest of the week was pretty much downhill after this. Wednesday night we all went to Jackie and Kristy's screening of thier animation major thesis cartoon. It was pretty cool. We saw a bunch actually and some were kinda lame. Most of the other ones were all computer animation which kinda bugs me cus they alwas look like they could be done better. Jandks was a regular cartoon though and was inspired by an experience Shanna and I had at Subway last year. I wont get into it all here, but basically it involves a crabby mexican lady with a heavily accented high pitched voice making sandwhiches. All the voices were done by Shanna and yours truly so of course it was pretty hilarous. Aww we were so proud. Afterwards we went to Jerrys Deli and got overpriced ommlettes.

Thursday night Shanna and I had a lil Survivor Finale Party at her place. It was pretty crazy, but I must say Im quite happy Tina won. I woulda been happier had it been Elisabeth or Kimmi, but at least Tina is pretty cool. That was kinda cheesy though how they waited to announce the winner live and all had them 6 months later wearing the same clothes but weighing 50 lbs more and with hollywood hair and makeup. That helicopter went right over my office building too. It was also pretty funny how Debb just sat in the back whole time with that face. And how Mad dog played that stick. And how Jerri is such a cunt. Where do they find these freaks?

Not much else happened until Saturday, Cinco De Mayo. Marleigh had a party. Actually it was just Marleigh, her roomates, Kat and her friend but we had a pretty good time. Marleigh has a kick ass apartment in Mar Vista with a really cool roof where we hung out and consummed alcoholic beverages. Kat was totally drunk and was singing Annie the musical at the top of her lungs over all of Venice Beach. She also had dickmouth, but I really wont get into that. It was fun times. Except that I had to work early Sunday morning, a double shift no less. Doubles on 4 hours of sleep rule. We pretty much tried to work as little as possible today. Marleigh and I went to the Farmers Market for lunch and then went on a emergency slurpee break later on. They have the coolest thing now! A slurpee cup that has 3 separate compartmens!! So you can get 3 different flavors and they wont mix!! This is seriously the best invention since peanutbutter and jelly in the same jar.

So sadly that was my week. How much longer till summer? I seriously dont wanna go to school this week. Blehhhh. Later.