Saturday, May 26, 2001

Hot Damn!! Look at that sexy new color scheme!!

Thursday, May 24, 2001

Hello and how are you? I, my friends, am lucky to be alive. Haha not really, but I did have a slightly life threatening yet very funny monday night. Lets start at the begining. This weekend at work Kat, Marleigh and I decided to have another lil Riggins Rooftop Resort party at Marleighs place monday night. Kat promises dinner and another installment of her one woman rooftop show. So we all show up around 9 and Kat makes a pretty tasty dinner. Afterwards we retire to the roof where the show begins. This time she even made programs, diagraming the night into different acts. The first act was the vocal warm up and stretching. After this came a hott re-creation of a Brittney Spears video. Then some more Annie and Paula Abdul dance moves. So by act 4, Kats worked up a hunger for dessert and decides she wants cup cakes. So the three of us decided to go to Albertsons, right up the the street. As were leaving the apartment we notice this strange young Spanish boy roaming the hallways of the building. He appears to be about 14 or 15 and not in full control of himself. So half way out the building Marleigh remembers she forgot something in her apartment and heads back inside. Kat and I go out to the car and when Marleigh comes back she seems a bit unnerved. It seems as she was leaving her place the Spanish kid was in her doorway and tried to push past her into the apartment. Being the Supergirl that she is she pushed him away and ran out to the car where she called 911. And let me just say its a good thing no one was dying cus 911 was busy the first three times she called. So finally after explaining what happened six times they agree to send a cop car over. So we head off to Albertsons and see the cops coming down the street. Once at the store Kat decides she wants frozen pizza instead and Marleigh and I get some really good Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream. We spend about 20 minutes or so browsing in the store then head back to the apartment. As we walk through the halls we notice the Spanish kid is gone and I ask what shed do if he was in her apartment in her bed wearing her underwear? Can you say foreshadowing? So once inside the apartment Kat makes her pizza and Marleigh and I eat ice cream and we hang out for about half and hour when we notice odd spotlights being shone on the balcony. We wait about 5 minutes and then decide to go up on the roof and see what it was. Being the brave guy that I am I go first up the steps and make it about half way up when I notice a leg hanging over the side of the railing. A dark skinned hair leg. Just the type that would belong to a Spanish kid. And sure enough what do you know, its the Spanish kid, passed out on her steps. I stare in amazement, Marleigh gasps, and Kat grabs some knives. We start yelling to him but hes obvioiusly out cold. Just then the door to the roof busts open and its the cops. They yell to the Spanish kid as well but he still doesnt respond so they grab him by his arm and pick him up like a wet rag. Hes barely able to walk so they cuff him and throw him on the ground. We met some other people from the building up on the roof who gave us the lowdown on what happened. Apparently he climbed up the fire escape, 3 stories, and when he got to the top was swaying around and nearly fell off. He then climbed up on to the roof and asked the people up there for some "ladies y cervesas" and they told him they didnt have any. They assumed he actually lived in the building and let him crash on Marleighs hammock. Eventually he woke up and went into her appartment but only made it half way down the steps. This is where he laid while we ate pizza and icecream and joked about him being in the apartment. Hah. So the cops hauled him off and I went back home to sleep in my nice safe bed, in my nice safe house with doors that lock, lucky to be alive. Not that I couldnt have taken him or anything.

This was probably the funniest thing to happen all month, except earlier tonight when I was at Shanna's. We were sitting in her room, I on her bed, she at her computer and all of a sudden I notice a spider on her head. Just taking a little stroll down the part in her hair. Through hysterical laughter I manage to tell her that theres a spider on her head and she freaks out and goes beserk flinging the spider and her head band across the room. Then she starts screaming and dancing and runs out of the room. She comes back 10 seconds later and goes where is it? And I say I dunno, but it was beige-ish orange and big. Just then she screams and points to my leg and what do you know hes back. Hahaha. So I start laughing again and flick it across the room, somwhere into the void of her underwear pile. Funny funny stuff I tells ya.

Oh celebrity sightings!! I have a good one too!! The first was on friday on my way to work I stopped off at the 7-11 on Fairfax to get a Slurpee and a Balance bar and whos coming out as Im going in?? Pauly Shore!! The weeasal himself!! It was all I could do to control myself from going "sup buuuuudy!" He drives a big maroon Suburban. Then Tuesday night, Shanna, The Twins, Greg, Paul and Ben and I go to the Cows End and we saw the little red haired girl from Growing Pains up top in back. Is she really a celebrity? I think she was just in that Growing Pains reunion they had a while back but I missed it. Pauly Shore is definetly cooler.

One last rant before I go to bed. Am I the only one whos noticed lately that the nightly news is all about Hollywood these days? Seriously the top news stories tonight were about Robert Blake and what other celebrities think about him, (and for the record I still dont know who this guy is, what he was in or why anyone cares), Nicole Kidmans stalker, what networks won the sweeps ratings, and the emotional good by of Angie Harmon on the set of Homicide or whatever dumb show she was on. How is this news?? I though thats what Entertainment Tonight was for. Theres actual things happening in the world and were watching Gary Busey talk about his relationship with Robert Blake. Is it like this in the rest of the country or just L.A.? Im moving to Canada.

Oh I got the new Weezer. Is it just me or did they pull a Blink 182? Dont get me wrong I love the Weez and all but they shoulda just put a sticker on the album that says "intended for girls age 14-17 only". Nothing could top the blue album and it seems thats what they were trying to do. Or at least re create it. But this album seems to be lacking something. It just sounds like a bunch of 2 minute generic pop songs to me. Also whyd it take 5 years to make a 25 minute album? By my calculations thats 2, 2 1/2 minute songs a year, over 5 years. And track 6 is straight up Ozma. And why did I attempt to download a supposed new Weezer B side on Gnutella last night and after twenty minutes I have an Ozma song??? Thats some fucked up shit right there. Actually I did get some B sides though and oddly they were really good, way better than any song on the album. Theyre playing the Mtv awards with Destinys Child next week and theyre filming it right across the street from the Twins house. William Delaware and I am so there.

Allrighty. Its bed time. Goodnight kids, and Godbless.