Friday, June 01, 2001

What up dawgs?! Long time no blog. As you can see theres a new look to the place. This is my pathetic attempt at designing with html. I kinda dig it. But unfortounetly I messed up the entire archive dealie that used to be up in the corner. Apparently when you reformat the HTML from scratch you have to re organize and link all the old blog entries. As you can see I dont know jack about what Im doing, so until I figure it out, or care enough, all the entries Ive ever made will appear on one page. It might take a few secs to download, but hey this is me were talking about and Im so worth a few seconds. Also I have two new blogs. Of course Ive had this blog the longest and love it the most, but Im also doing a guerilla pr blog with some kids at work, and another blog with a bunch of other dorks. The work one is all just a bunch of inside jokes so Im not gonna give you a link cus you wont get it anyway and it will seem pretentios. The other blog is pretty random, but kinda funny. It can be seen at If I knew what I was doing I coulda made that an actual link but as weve already stated, I dont.

So what have I been up to lately you might be asking yourself? Well this is the last week of classes before finals, so naturally Ive been doing all the shit I put off doing all semester long. I had like 83 drawings and a 100 page notebook due in life drawing today, and drew like a madman all night long to get it done. Lets just say that this class has secured my desire to be a COMPUTER design major. Its so much neater and cleaner on computer. No messy charcol hands, no wrinkeling tearing of paper, no gross black dust on your tissue when you blow your nose. Thank God thats done with, only 9,048 more life drawing classes to go. Then theres math. Im not even gonna talk about it. And the internet class. They asked us to take this survey telling them what we thought about the course, and I did. I really hope they respond.

Memorial Day was fun stuff. Since I was conviniently abandoned by all my friends, Shanna in San Fran, J, K, Paul and Ben in Big Bear, I went to Marleighs for our now tradtional monday night fiesta. Its not really a party cus its just Kat, Marleigh and I but you get the idea. This night was pretty entertaining. No drugged up Spanish Boys on the steps, but lots o' food, alcohol and party games. We started with food. I dont know what they were thinking but there was massive amounts of food for just 3 people. Kat made some pasta salad stuff, I made burgers, Marleigh made kabobs and cabbage salad and they got corn and some other stuff too. Getting the barbaque lit was an adventure in itself since Marleigh has a strict "no lighter fuel" policy. Dont ask me. So after the food we were all a lil tipsy and decided to play "I never". Its a drinking game where you say something you have or have not done, and if you have done it you take a sip, and if you havent you dont. So the point is you are forced to admit embarrasing things, all the while drinking more, thereby lowering your inhibitions to lie. Lets just say we learned some pretty interesting things. Of course after the first round every question was about sex...and Im proud to say that Kat and Marleigh are two of the horniest people Ive ever met, and I am now well aware of their personal grooming habits in their nether regions. This is what Memorial Day is all bout kids. So eventually we decided to go to the grocery store to buy chips, this always happens at some point, and next to the grocery store theres a Hollywood Video. Kat asks if anyone wants porn, so we go in and low and behold theres no porn section. We make Kat ask anyway and they say no. So we went to this Erotic Botique down the street. It was quite possibly one of the funniest moments ever. First off we walk in the door and the "person" sitting behind the counter gets up and is of unusually large proportions. Im used to seeing the occasional hefty person now and then but this was obesity at its finest. And the weird part was "it" had moderatly fat arms and legs, and an excessively fat belly and midsection. Sort of like a clown. And I use the word "it" because it was just that. Its sex was completely unable to be determined. It had long blonde hair, clean shaven legs, and sort of girlish full lips, but wasnt wearing make up and had shorts and a purple polo shirt on. But the voice was as deep as mine. You decide. Kat being her vocal self tried to make friends and determine a sex, so they got into a discussion about who has the biggest wang in porn, and Kat introduced herself, and asked it its name. It sort of mumbled something that sounded like "Felicia" but again, I just dont know. So anyways it turns out all the porn in this place is like $60 so we go home and watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks instead. After its over Kat decides she wants porn again so we try to order pay per view which had " Nude Bowling Party" but the PVP button on the remote didnt work. We eventually found some soft porn on Cinemax, but it wasnt quite the same cus there was no actual penetration. This one chick was having sex with a guys stomach. Like whats the point of inferring it but not actually doing it? After Kat expressed her need to see some Lesbian porn we flipped through channels but no luck. It was time to call it a night. Overall not a bad Memorial Day.

In music news Im in desperation of some new CD's. Like for reals. The new Weezer was ok the first 20 times or so but Im so over it. It actually makes me wanna hear the first two cds whenever I hear it, but someone stole Pinkerton. Ive been listening to Coldplay alot. Thats a really really good album. Best Ive heard in a while actually. Hopefully they dont pull a Radiohead and forget how to play guitar 4 albums down the road. Damn that was harsh! Sorry. Marleighs been listening to this band "Mates of State" who are really good...sort of Rainer Maria-ish. Shes gonna make me a copy cus shes my bitch like that. Other than that Ive been regressing to the begining of my cd collection. I busted out Greenday, Nirvana, Alice In Chains and STP. So 1994. If anyone knows of any good new bands or cds, email me, Im all ears.

Oh I had a totally surreal moment the other day I wanted to tell you about. Im driving up PCH towards the Pallisades to get Sherry's mail, and theres this white van behind me with 3 mexican guys sitting up front. The streets are all fucked up cus theyre doing construction so its down to one lane. While stopped at a light, all of a sudden, one of the guys throws a plastic vagina up on the dashboard, and the guy driving it starts fingering it!!! I am so not making this up, I saw the whole thing in my rearview mirror. I was stunned at first because they werent like laughing or joking or anything. They were just kickin back driving up the coast taking turns fingering a plastic vagina. For those of you not into sex toys, its just a big rubber ass thats sort of spread and has one butt hole and one hoo hah. Now the thing I dont get is #1, if you own a plastic vagina, why would you bring it in the car? Did one of these guys just decide, "hey lets bring the plastic vagina with us today!" #2, if youre gonna finger it, why would you put it on the dashboard? and #3, were their hands clean? Anyways, once traffic started going again the guy driving just threw it in the back of the van. I wasnt dreaming this, I promise.

Ok I think thats enough for now. Is it just me or was this whole blog sexual in nature? I think its from spending so much time at Marleighs house. Its like the epicenter of sexual energy. Im gonna go read the bible or something. Later dudes.